A new PR on the Helipad TT

I got a new PR this morning on the helipad TT.

6:01 – Jay Rapson (jaybird) June 2nd

I was just trying to shave 10 seconds off my time to get ahead of Scott and Cody and was shocked to nail a 6:01.  I’m not sure I can find another 10-15 secs on that course to get ahead of Kimo and Rich.

It was a really nice morning with cool temps and a little breeze.  I rolled over to pick up DC off Warpaint in the dark and started the climb with the sun just coming over the mountains in the East.  There as a great sunrise view from the helipad but the effort has me hacking up a lung.

Total for the day was 15 miles in an 1:20 mins.

Jay Rapson


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